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The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command and Sako Ltd have signed a letter of intent regarding research and development of a family of rifles and preparation of the procurement of a rifle system.  The rifle system is intended to consist of two different system configurations including a sniper rifle for sniper use and a semi-automatic rifle for the squad’s designated marksman. 

 The letter of intent is related to the long-term development of the sniper capability in the Finnish Defence Forces. 

‘Sako Ltd’s roots are deeply set in the Finnish Defence Industry. We value greatly the trust that the Defence Forces has shown us and have the deepest appreciation for our cooperation’, states Sako’s General Manager, Mr. Raimo Karjalainen.

The cooperation has the objective of developing a new sniper rifle and designated marksman rifle conforming to the Defence Forces’ capability requirements, and preparing the procurement of these weapons. These weapon configurations will combine improved capability, security of supply and cost effectiveness. 

‘The project to develop a new platform of self-loading rifles is of utmost commercial and strategic significance for Sako’s Defence and Law Enforcement business. Our Defence and Law Enforcement Business Unit is an integral part of the Beretta Defense Technologies strategic alliance. We have had very good experiences from product development partnerships in the past with the Finnish Defence Forces. These projects have resulted in many successful, world-class products’, states Mr. Arto Kaikkola, Business Unit Director for the Defence and Law Enforcement Business Unit.

It is possible to have other countries join the development work involving the family of rifles.

The letter of intent was signed at the Defence Forces Logistics Command’s Headquarters in Tampere 25.5.2020.


(Image: Finnish Defence Forces)


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Sako is one the world’s most prestigious rifle and cartridge brands. Our acclaimed reputation, high quality products and credibility are rooted in our employees’ unique skills and pride in what they do.

Established in 1921, Sako has an eventful history. First created to refurbish and service firearms for the Civil Guard in Finland, Sako has played a key role in Finland’s defence and has been trusted supplier to dozens of defence departments around the world.

Over the years the company has consistently grown by focusing on production excellence, honoring its dedicated craftsman and personnel, and providing innovative solutions to shooters’ emerging needs.

For decades Sako has developed world-class military, target and hunting rifles, as well as cartridges. By integrating its knowledge of both the rifle and cartridge production, Sako brand can offer a shooter the unique advantages of uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Our main fields of operation include the design, production, marketing and global sales of military, hunting and sporting rifles as well as cartridges.

In 2000, Sako joined Beretta Group, a company with unique firearms traditions reaching all the way back to 1526. This cooperation provides Sako with the unique capability to provide comprehensive, all-encompassing solutions and systems for our customers.

Now Sako looks ahead more confidently than ever. We proudly carry on the rifle manufacturing knowledge and skills, with the utmost respect towards the surrounding nature.



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About Beretta Defense Technologies

Beretta Defense Technologies is an alliance of four market leading companies: Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner. These founding companies of Beretta Defense Technologies have been globally well known through decades of leadership, innovation and investment and now form a single source contact for the high tech military & law enforcement hardware the are renowned for.

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